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(以后我们就用英语来交流吧。 )。 怎么写?

let us talk about in english.

Then we communicate in English in the future交流这里用communicate以后用in the future请参考

We can translate our words into English and use the English to communicate in the future.

希望以后我们能交往 = i hope we could intercourse in future

你好!ll study English together with you for making preparations for our touring the worldHoney;ll try our best to communicate with each other in English every day, we', from now on. I'如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

I will speak in English in the future.

we talk in English .我们用英语交流吧的意思

i wish we could have more communication

Then,we can write English composition.

For our future we have good communication and I need to learn.为了我们以后我们之间好沟通我需要学习

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