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1.I can do it (without )your help.2.(Maybe) she (is ) at home (by)(herself) now.3. Be(queit) ,(or) you'll hear(nothing) .4. Your temperature seems (to)(be) all right .5. She wants a

同意句转换Agree to sentence conversionconversion英 [knv:n] 美 [knv:rn] n.变换,转变; 改装物; 财产转换,兑换; [逻] 换位(法)

1. In the end we reached loulan after trvelilng for several days. 2. together with = in company with

Having P.E is relaxing .


My name is Liu Chang.同义句转换可以是My name's Liu Chang不好吧只是缩写了is 应该是 Liu Chang is my name. .是我的名字或: I am Liu Chang翻译为我是

We don't know how to use telephoneWe have no idea how we can use the telephoneLinda is thinking about what she has to bring with her for tomorrow.Linda is in consideration of what she should take for tomorrow.

I wasn't very ougoing---I was very inwardI used to be really quiet ---I was reslly quiet in the pass

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