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arch of triumph英 [:t v traimf] 美 [rt v tramf] 凯旋门例句The superb splendid building is just like a the neoclassical arch of triumph.

triumphal archn.凯旋门

巴黎凯旋门, 英文名triumphal arch说明:凯旋门即雄狮凯旋门,位于法国巴黎的戴高乐广场中央,香榭丽舍大街的西端.1836年7月29日竣工,高50米.

a triumphal arch is a structure in the shape of a monumental archway, usually built to celebrate a victory in war. the arch is invariably a free-standing structure, quite separate from city gates or walls. in its simplest form a triumphal arch consists of two

凯旋门简介,中英文对照:The Arc de Triomphe of the Lion in Paris is located in the centre of the Charles de Gaulle Square in Paris, France, at the west end of Champs Elysees Street.巴黎凯旋门即雄狮凯旋门,位于法国巴黎的戴高乐广场中央,

凯旋门(Arc de Triomphe) 凯旋门落成于1836年,高50米,宽45米,这是拿破仑伟绩的象征,门上刻有浮雕,描绘出拿破仑军队进军、战斗、获胜的路线图,建筑物有一小型纪念馆,内有558位随拿破仑征战的将军的名字. 以凯旋门为中心向

凯旋门triumphal arch

triumphal arch

凯旋门: ArchofTriumph;triumphal arch;Triumphal Arch;Gloriette

巴黎圣母院 Notre Dame de Paris 凯旋门 Arch of Triumph

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