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开头先照常的寒暄问候如how are you,how have you been,hope everything is going well 之类的。 然后可以用以下的句式: I hate to say this, but... Unfortunately, I have to tell you that... Please don't be too upset about the follow...

A letter of delinquency To whom it may concern We are glad to inform you that your company has signed a lease contract on the ****exibition in****(year) and leased **** from our company and you have agreed to the pay us the amo...

Dear CustomerName, Hope everything is going well. Due to the bad weather and the jam in the port, the shipment company cannot leave xxx port till date. As per the new schedule, the products will be delivered ETD date and ETA da...

Dear friend:There is a kind of hometown called happy hometown, there is a kind of friendship, called forever, there is a kind of joy, called resignation, there is a kind of happiness, called family reunion, there is a wish, cal...

实际开船日 Actual ship opening day 英 [ʃip] 美 [ʃɪp] n. 船; 宇宙飞船; (舰船上的)全体船员; 运气; vt.& vi. 运送; vt. 把…装上船; 装好(船具); 上市; 使乘船; vi. 在船上工作; 乘船旅行; 当船员;

Dear XXX, Any news? Your kindly reply will be highly appreciated. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thanks! Best reagrds Yours sincerely XXX 我们通常都是这样发的,你找出你的第一封邮件,然后附在下面,提醒他一起看。


our product has been debugged by clients and samples are sent to u,the clients now ask us to offer a experience plane,can u help us?thx

我建议您可以跟您的老板说一声,在去之前您应当问一下客户是否同意会见, Dear * *: Good morning / afternoon /(这里是问候,写你发邮箱的时间,上午就写Good morning,下午就写afternoon) My boss wants to see you(我的老板想要去拜访您)...

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