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我建议您可以跟您的老板说一声,在去之前您应当问一下客户是否同意会见, Dear * *: Good morning / afternoon /(这里是问候,写你发邮箱的时间,上午就写Good morning,下午就写afternoon) My boss wants to see you(我的老板想要去拜访您)...

Dear Sir, Please confirm our meeting time will be at 9:00am on July, 7,2016, and please inform me early if you have urgent schedule changing. await for your reply. XXX 里面的时间根据你自己的实际时间更换就好。

Dear Sir/Madam, Very glad to send an E-mail to you for the frist time , I’m Annie. I have learned your name from the website which shows you are interest in XXX . First I’d like to introduce our company,which is one of the XXX...


你要写电子邮件吧?你的客户可能很忙,首先你得保证人家见到你邮件会点开看内容,所以标题很重要,简单并切入主题比较好,比如 High quality XXX from China.(XXX代表你经营的产品,或者你可以再加上公司名字,以提醒客户你们在展会接触过)。 ...

如果我想去拜访国外客户,写邮件时, 英文翻译_ If I want to visit a foreign customer, when I write an e-mail,

简单的 Payment received, all item(s) on the order list will be shipped on XX/YY/XXYY. 正规点的一般也就开头来个 Dear Customer: 然后 Payment for your order#: XXXYYYY has been received, thank you very much for your business. 然后...

Dear XXX, We would like to tell you that our previous agreement didnt be with date Signed, Please kindly find the attachment and subject to the revised one in this email. Thanks for your attention.

自我介绍: Dear customer: I'm new to the company,It is really my honor to have this opportunity for a interview, you can call me An.My favorite pastimes are reading、writing、listeningto music and spending time with my friends...

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