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Dear XXX, I'm XXX(姓名) of (公司名称)(职位)..如果是第一次联系此处还要简单介绍下公司的业务范围.如果对方已经了解过了,就没有必要了.I'll be on business trip in your conuntry during the period(时间). I'd like to visit your

We're only ready for little sample products now,and we need some time to send you the quotation while we're ready for the whole product .

Dear I'm,and will inherit sb's job from today.It is a great pleasure for me to do business with you. I'm glad to answer you if you have any problem.Thank you for your supporting to our company for such a long time. I'll do my job as best as possible,

写电子邮件可以用outlook 2010.在outlook中撰写、发送和接收邮件后,邮件会自动放置到各个文件夹中.邮件在各个文件夹之间移动的方式如下:在新建邮件时,发送的邮件移动到发件箱中.邮件使用outlook发送出去之后,已发送邮件的副本自动移动到【已发送的邮件】文件夹中.在新建邮件时,保存的邮件移动到【草稿】文件夹中,还可以在这个文件夹中再次打开这个邮件,并进行编辑.接收的邮件首先放置到收件箱中,可以从这个文件夹中阅读邮件的内容.从各个邮件管理文件夹删除的邮件全部移动到【已删除的邮件】文件夹中.从【已删除的邮件】文件夹中,可以把文件夹中选中的邮件彻底删除.希望我能帮助你解疑释惑.

We have obtained your address from the Commercial Counsellor of your Embassy in London and are now writing you for the establishment of business relations.We are very well connected with all the major dealers here of light industrial products,

Dear Mr./Ms xxx This is Isaac, a salesman from LDH. It will be very pleasant if we can have a meeting with you in our Shenzhen office for futher discussion on our business.Our sales manager will be available from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m next Thursday,

Please kindly come back to us if you received our email. Thanks.Regards,XXX


hello ..my name is xxxx, from now on, i will be taking over for xxxx. please contact me directly, my contact information is as follows:office phone:office fax:mobile phone:email:i am looking forward to be working with you.best regards, xxxx

Dear ,Thank you very much for your great efforts to push forward our first cooperation.To be honest,I am very happy that we can work together soonest.1)We can accept US$800 for 300 pcs,and the expr

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