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主语、谓语、宾语、补语 They found the man honest. 他们发现这个人很诚实.We elected Li Feng Monitor of our class.我们选了李锋当我们班长.He thinks himself ( to be ) a clever man.他认为自己很聪明.

She teaches us English.主语 谓语 宾语 宾补

五、S(主语) + V [谓语] + O (宾语) + OC (宾语补足语) (主谓宾补句型) 第5种句型 S[主](名词或代词) V[谓](vt.) O[宾](名词或代词) C[补](形容词…) Willis's jokes made her uneasy.I thought it right to go there without delay

1.i have had my lunch 主谓宾2.she is reading a novel 主谓宾3.the meeting lasted for two hours 主谓状4.the ball is under the desk 主谓状5.the question is difficult 主谓补6.the sun is rising 主谓7.the b

he 主语found 是谓语动词it 是形式宾语,代替master Englishimportent 是宾语补足语,用来解释说明宾语是什么样的正常语序是to master English is important.


we chose chen xuan our monitor.(chen xuan is our monitor.) 我们选陈璇当班长.people call my hometown longtan.(my hometown is longtan.) 人们称我的家乡为龙潭.his father named him xiao dong.(he is xiao dong.) 他的爸爸给他起名叫小东.

1:he is far from his shool. 2:He speaks English

1 i (主)have finished(谓) my homework.(宾)2 he(主) is said(谓) to win the prize.(这句话不能加that,因为后面不是从句,也不能用从句) 这是个固定结构,sb+be+done+to do done: believed, said, thought 个人认为不定式应该属于

简单句的五种基本句型 1.主语+谓语(不及物动词) [S + V] 如:The children are playing happily.孩子们正在高兴地玩.2.主语+谓语(及物动词)+宾语 [S+V+O] 如:The

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