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Competition in biology,ecology,and sociology,is a contest between organisms, for leadership.Competition is the opposite of cooperation.It arises whenever at least two

I like the way the work completed in cooperation. We can discuss, compared to learning. This will not only enhance our communication skills, but also can enhance the friendship between us. Pull into the distance between us. Learn to cooperate

BMW,Daimler, Audi 是发起的核心,后来还有GM,Ford,VW,Toyota,Hyundai,Volvo等具体看http://www.mostcooperation.com/membership/memberslist/index.html

Haier's organizational culture on the development and strengthening of speeding, and from innovation as a typical characteristic of Haier culture.Haier's corporate culture as a strong Asian culture, through the adoption of domestic and foreign

With regard to my basic condition, it's very particular on the resume. Now I'd like to supply something non-mentioned .My humanness is honesty and integrity. Treating everything , I'm responsiblity and strict in one's demands. I've got strong

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