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corny 陈旧的 过时的 老生常谈的

这样的歌范围太广了- -..我能想到的是小甜甜布兰妮的everytime

男子名] [爱尔兰姓氏] 康纳盖尔语姓氏的英语形式,来源于人名,含义是“猎犬,狗+想要的”(hound,dog+desiring) 昵称Corney,Corny;[地名] [英国] 康纳


Search for: csroynsNo words found in this wordlist when searching for csroyns.No direct (one word) anagrams for csroyns found in this word list.Words formed by adding one letter before or after csroyns (in bold), or tocnorssy in any order:h -

my favorite season my favourite season is summer. i like summer because it's a season of enthusiasm. in summer, everything turns energetic. we are the most efficient to do things at this period of time. what's more, we are able to do a lot of sports

Sentimental adj.伤感的 slop over v.伤感

这是一个分词或动名词短语,其中 staying 是系动词,表示 “停留在状态” , motivated 是表语的,含 “有动机的”、“有目的的”“有积极性的”.单独出现不好翻译,可以放在下面的例句中理解:There are no indications that the killings (

Verse 1Baby, don't you be so mean 宝贝 请不要这样吝啬I try to keep my conversation clean 我试着让自己的话简单明了But you the flyest thang I seen [yeah] 你是我见过的最机灵的小东西Since I came up in here, You're a superstar my dear 从我

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