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describe通常指形容,叙述,谈谈某样具体的人,事,物,即“to say what sb/sth is like” depict通常侧重一种艺术手段,比如这副画描绘了什么,这部小说描述了什么,即“give an impression of sth in words or with a picture”

describe重在用语言来形容,陈述一些事,物;depict用写作和图片来形容,陈述一些事,物.如:i described what he looked like to her.the dissertation depicts the influence upon environment by the project.


中文含义:v.描绘,描画( depict的过去式和过去分词 ); 描述;英文释义:to describe sth in words;or give an impression of sth in words or with a picture 第三人称单数:depicts ;现在分词:depicting ;过去式:depicted;例句:He depicted

portray 指抓住事物的最显著的特点或人物的肖像、性格、品德、情感,用图画或文字方式细腻地描绘.depict 与portray一样,也指用图画或文字描绘事物或人物.describe “描述”、“形容”,指通过描写、描述人或事的外表、性质,使人得到一个清晰地印象.

deprecatingv.不赞成2113,反对( deprecate的现在分词 ); 以上结果来自金山词霸例句5261:1.It's interesting how some car advertisements clearly depict women as a major purchasing force in the household, while others appeal to men with deprecating messages. 有趣的是,一些汽4102车广告清晰地把女人描绘成家庭购车1653的主要推手,而版另一些则用相反的信息吸引权男人.

一、意思不同 “portray”意思是:vt. 描绘;扮演 “depict”意思是:vt. 描述;描画 “describe”意思是:vt. 描述,形容;描绘 二、用法不同1、portray:侧重于用图片描绘和扮演等方式陈述事物.例句:In 1975 he portrayed the king in a Los

1、v. 拖;接近;画;提取;拉;绘制2、n. 平局;抽签;拉;拽;吸引人的事物一、发音:英 [dr];美 [dr] 二、用法:1、draw的基本意思有二:一是“画”; 二是“拉”.作“画”解时指用铅笔、蜡笔、粉笔等画素描、画线、画地图


I have heard a beautiful poetry, written by a novelist, Amy Cheung. With a little adjustment, it can vividly depict the alienation among people in reality - "The further distance in the world is not between life and death. But when I stand in front of you,

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