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electrical harness电气线束双语例句1disconnect the harness ( on the sensor) from the main electrical harness.从主电线束断开该线束(在感知器上)2this incredible shield, made by combining an electrical harness and a quality iron shield, not only

harness 生词本 去背诵 英 [h:ns] 美 [h:rns] n.马具,挽具; 背带; 系带 vt.利用; 给(马等)套轭具; 控制 网 络 利用;安全带;马具;治理 复数: harnesses 过去式: harnessed 过去分词: harnessed 现在分词: harnessing 第三人

为您解答:harness[英]'h:ns[美]hrnsn.马具,挽具;背带;系带vt.利用;给(马等)套轭具;控制[例句]The leaders who figure out how to unleash and harness this energy will win.领导者只有了解如何发挥和利用这种能力,才能获得成功.

harness ['h:nis] vt. 治理;套;驾驭;披上甲胄 n. 马具;甲胄;挽具状带子;降落伞背带 [ 复数harnesses 过去式harnessed 过去分词harnessed 现在分词harnessing ]


in harness一起合作;在日常工作中wiring harness线束wire harness线束;电子线束;配线die in harness工作时死去safety harness安全带;安全吊带;安全挂钩具

利用:to harness nuclear anergy to generate electricity利用核能发电治理:That boy is hard to harness.那个男孩子不服管教.deploy是部署,施展的意思.


wire harness英 [wai h:nis] 美 [war hrns] 束线,铠装线双语例句1For general insulation and protection for appliance, wire harness, transformer, lead wire of motors, etc. 一般应用于电器、线束、变压器、马达引线等绝缘和保护.2Press fixing clip on wire harness for side airbag onto the backrest frame. 将侧气囊线束上的固定卡子压到靠背框架上.

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