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honored |尊敬honorable|值得尊敬的mutual|相互的common|通常的diverse |不同的diversified|多元化的undaunted|大无畏的dauntless|不屈不挠的(希望能帮助你(*^__^*) )

honored [英] ['hn:d][美] ['hn:d] adj.光荣的:荣幸的; v.尊敬,给以荣誉( honor的过去式和过去分词 ); [例句] President, I am deeply honored by the trust you have placed in me.总统,我是由信任深深地尊敬了你在我已经放置.[原型]honor

honored英 ['nd] 美 ['nrd] adj.深感荣幸的;受尊敬的

honor vt.给…以荣誉;尊敬,描述人多一点.He was received to the reception as an honored guest.他作为嘉宾而得以参加招待会.honored adj. 深感荣幸的;受尊敬的.I'm honored to meet you.很荣幸同您见面.

honoredadj. 受尊敬的;已承兑或付款的v. 荣幸(honor的过去分词)

英[nd] 美[nd] 1. v 荣幸(过去式或过去分词)2. adj. 荣幸的

荣耀 感激的 信赖

honored 英['hn:d] 美['hn:d] adj. 光荣的:荣幸的; v. 尊敬,给以荣誉( honor的过去式和过去分词 ); [例句]It seems such a pity that a distinguished and honored name should be commercialized in such a manner 一个著名的、令人

be honored to sth也可以说to do sth.比如说能被这家公司聘用,我感到很荣幸翻译为i am honored to be hired by this company.honored英 [nd] 美 [nrd] v.尊敬;尊重;接受;给与…的光荣.honor的过去分词和过去式.President, I

读: [安拿特] h 是无声的.

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