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你好!mishaps are highly probable事故是非常可能的

accident 意思:n. (交通)事故;意外遭遇;不测事件;意外;偶然的事 accident 发音:英 [ksdnt] 美 [ksdnt] 复数: accidents 例句:1、She was involved in a serious car accident last week 上星期她卷入了一场严重的车祸.

意外 1.unexpected; abrupt; accidental; sudden 2.by chance; by accident; out of the blue 3.an accident

occurrence[英][krns][美][k:rns]n.发生,出现; 遭遇,事件; 复数:occurrences例句:1.Messrs. reid and boehner appeared together on the white house driveway after the session, itself an unusual occurrence. 会议过后,雷德和

happening 名词: 事件,意外事件 动词: 发生(happen现在分词), 碰巧

in spite of everything终究;毕竟双语例句1In spite of one or two minor mishaps everything was going swimmingly. 尽管遇到了一两件小小的不幸,一切都进行得很顺利.2In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart. 世界虽然是这样,但我相信人们的内心还是善良的.

in spit of只能放在句首,而regardless of既可以放句首也可放句末. in spite of ---由于xxx, regardless---尽管,不管. in spite of the financial success of his business, sam decides to purchase a cormpany jet. sam wants to buy a new company jet, regardless of how the purchase might affect his company's liquid assets.

Anne of Green Gables is a bestselling novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery published in 1908. It was written as fiction for readers of all ages, but in recent decades has been considered a children's book. Montgomery found her

perhaps英 [phps] 美 [prhps] adv.或许; (表示不确定) 也许; (用于粗略的估计) 或许; (表示勉强同意或其实不赞成) 也许; n.假定; 猜想; 未定之事; [例句]In the end they lose millions, perhaps billions. 最后他们输掉几百万,或许是几十亿. [其他]复数:perhapses 形近词: mishaps

更重要的是what's moreeven more importantmore importantlyabove all例:更重要的是,看看窗外一切都是那么正常.What'smore, looking outthe window, all appeared normal.但更重要的是,他们仍未能采取行动.But above all, they have failed to act更重要的是,我们可以和大家分享所有这些信息.More importantly, we can share the information with all of you

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