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supervise有强调监查,监控、监督的意思. 它的一个派生词:supervisor是超级大户,网络管理人等意思,原词根可见一斑.versee比supervise的意义弱.oversee通常指管辖某个领域或者方面;supervise通常指管某几个人或者部门.

Why do "overlook" and "oversee" mean opposite things?overlook 和oversee为什么意思相反?(overlook 忽视;oversee监视)看看外籍人是如何看待这两个词汇的It depends on which definitions of these two words you

One morning, Mr. Hayes, the Vice President of the Magic Computer Company, called computers we built or sold last month. All I did was oversee the testing of them.唯 侬:

trustee 英[trsti:] 美[trsti] n. 受托人; 信托公司; (公司、学院) 理事; (慈善事业或其他机构的) 受托人; vt. 移交(财产或管理权)给受托人; [例句]A custodian or trustee is appointed to oversee the debtor's property to protect it from loss. 指定一位监护人或管理人来监管债务人的财产免受损失. [其他] 复数:trustees

【overlook】没有【检查】的意思.英 [v'lk] 美 [ovr'lk] v.俯瞰;远眺;没注意到;忽视 【overlook】例句 My room overlooked the garden.我的房间俯瞰花园.We overlook the church from our house.我们可从家中俯瞰教堂.

来自http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithuania 用个代理,去维基看看吧.Lithuania, officially the Republic of Lithuania (Lithuanian: Lietuva; official Lietuvos Respublika), is a country in northeastern[1] Europe. The largest of the three Baltic States

oversea student 留学生叫International student也行

engage的用法如下:1、engage主要用作及物动词,接名词、代词作宾语.作“雇,聘”解时可以接以as短语充当补足语的复合宾语.作“保证”解时可接for+名词或that从句,也可接oneself+to- v 构成的复合结构.2、engage接介词in可表示“

manage vi.处理, 应付过去vt.管理, 控制, 操纵, 维持, 运用, 搞成, 设法, 达成英英解释:动词manage:1. be successful; achieve a goal同义词:pull off, negociate, bring off, carry off2. be in charge of, act on, or dispose of同义词:deal,

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