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soarsv. 高耸;猛增;高飞( soar的第三人称单数 );(音乐)升高

Lilienthal[人名] 利连索尔; [地名] [德国] 利林塔尔; 例句:1.Otto lilienthal soars above a crowd in one of his mannedgliders in an 1893 photograph. 这是1893年的一张照片,奥特李林塔尔乘着他的载人飞行器翱翔在人群上空..很高兴为你解答!如有不懂,请追问. 谢谢!

Generation Gap Nowadays, there is often a lack of understanding between parents and children. Children always complain that their parents are out of date, while parents can't approve of what their children say and do. Thus, a big generation gap

polyethylene glycol[英][plieθili:n laikl][美][pliθlin lakl]聚乙二醇,聚氧乙烯; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.His heart rate soars-it may even stop-and his body swells if he comes into contact with the chemical, known as polyethylene glycol. 只要一接触到聚乙二醇这样的化学物质,他就会出现心跳加速甚至都要停止的地步,而且还有全身肿胀的现象.


soar 英[s:] 美[sr, sor] 过去式:soared 过去分词:soared 现在分词:soaring soar不及物动词 vi.1.高飞, 翱翔 A bird is soaring into the sky.一只鸟正飞向云端.2.猛增 The temperature soared to 86℃.温度猛增到摄氏86度.Price soared when war broke out.战争爆发时物价飞涨.3.高耸, 屹立 The lamp tower soars above the horizon.这座灯塔高耸入云.4.急升;猛增5.(音乐)升高,增强

you are great你很优秀双语对照例句:1.You are great and capable of achieving great things so believe 你很优秀,也有能力获得美好的前程,因此要相信自己.2.If someone, preferably a boss ( though anyone will do), tells you you are great, your energysoars. 如果有人(任何人都行,最好是老板)说你很棒,你的活力就会高涨.

向上,朝向天空;[例句]:The steeple soars skyward.中文:尖顶高高耸立.


You need to realize(you never listen)That's why you make enemies(you hide behind a mask)She fights for you, tells younow you have to change your mindshe'll be your wings don't let goButterfly fliesshe soars across the skyshe carries all our

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