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具体看几个例子:He stood with his arms folded before him.He sat there with his eyes closed He talked to me with his legs trembling 这三个句子中,with后的Verb ,有的是分词形式(trembling),有的是过去分词形式(folded,closed).请问具体

The soldiers marched on with guns on their shoulders

“with+宾语+宾语补足语”是一个十分有用的结构,具体地说,它有以下几种类型:1. with+宾语+形容词He often sleeps with the windows open. 他常开着窗睡觉.Don't speak with your mouth full. 不要满嘴巴食物说话.2. with+宾语+副词He

吭诳ith引导的介词短语总是不是很明白他们到底是做什么成分??是做定语 还是补语??还是独立成分啊???she'd rubbed her palms with super glue.这个with引导的介词短语是做宾语补足语嘛????with the production by 60%, the

With 1. 和,跟 2. 伴随着;带着;具有 3. 由于,因 4. 关于;对于;在,由看来,就来说 5. 和一致;赞成 一、with表拥有某物 Mary married a man with a lot of money . 马莉嫁给了一个有着很多钱的男人. I often dream of a big house with a

手打如下: The teacher entered the classroom with a book in his hand.He came over to me with red flowers in his hands.You should blame me with so many students in the classroom.The soldier advanced forward with a fag on his shoulder.The mother left home alone with her baby in the bedroom.

介词短语的作用介词和它的宾语成介词短语,其用法如下:1.作定语 The girl in red is my sister.穿红衣的那个女孩是我妹妹.【注】介词短语作定语总是放在它所修饰的名

with our life being greatly improved,we will have a much better furture.

With是个介词,基本的意思是“用”,但它也可以协助构成一个极为多采多姿的句型,在句子中起两种作用;副词与形容词. with在下列结构中起副词作用: 1.“with+宾语+现在分词或短语”,如: (1) This article deals with common social

with是介词,介词后跟的名词,这个名词用作介词的宾语(常简称为“介词宾语”),所以with后面跟的名词就是with的宾语,如:She flushed with delight. 她高兴得脸上通红.(delight是with的宾语,这个短语在句中状语表示原因) With the help of Xiao Wang, I passed the exam. 在小王的帮助下,我通过了考试.(the help of Xiao Wang是With的宾语,这个短语在句中作状语表示方式) 补充:其实并不是with后面是宾语,介词后面必须加名词构成介宾短语,所以其实可以记住看到介词后面一定要用名词

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