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Happy Easter_百度翻译 Happy Easter [词典] 复活节快乐;最后一次接触(电影名); [网络] 复活节; 欢乐复活节; 快乐复活节; [例句]'Happy Easter,' he yelled. “复活节快乐,”他大喊.

The Lonely Lion第31课孤独的狮子1. What are they doing?1. 它们在干什么?The They come to look at the lion.他们来看狮子.They yelled, "Roar!Lion!"他们喊道,“吼

yelled : [j'ld]

简单解释: yell [jel] vi. 叫喊, 大叫, (齐声)呐喊欢呼 vt. 喊叫着说 n. 叫声, 喊声, 呐喊 常用词组:to yell at sb 复杂解释:yell / jel; jl/ v [I, Ipr, Ip] ~ (out) (at sb/sth); ~ (out) (in/with sth) utter a loud sharp cry or cries as of pain, excitement, etc 号叫

I have never learned as much maths in my life as I did last year.It was because of Ms. 20 Ms.Vacirca caught me and yelled across the 21 ,“Lauren,are you coming to extra


我有一个梦想I have a dream从小到大,我有无数个梦.在很小的时候,我的梦想是当 my mother is the paper that often yelled at me and Dad,I am the finished the tutorial

and的前后各是一句话yelled是yell的过去式yellvi. 大叫,叫喊n. 喊声,叫声vt. 喊叫着说His yell of anger could be heard in the next room.隔壁房间都听得见他生气的叫喊声.It helps if you can conquer your shynes



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